Haight-Brown Vineyard, Connecticut’s Oldest Winery.

Beautiful vineyards, peaceful hills, fine wines, old friends.

About Us

Haight-Brown Vineyard has established itself as a relaxed atmosphere where wine lovers of all levels can learn about growing grapes and producing wine. The owners of Haight-Brown have a passion for wine and a desire to educate others in an unpretentious environment. They are determined to erase the intimidation factor of wine and make it a drink that everyone can enjoy.

One and Done

Our ‘One and Done’ policy is simple. Each year we evaluate what the vineyard gives us and make decisions about how to best highlight that harvest’s bounty. Because no two seasons are ever the same, we never attempt to exactly replicate the wines from a previous vintage. Once we sell our last bottle of any vintage, that’s it, it’s gone! It was a ‘one and done’! You may notice subtle, or not so subtle, differences in our wines from one year to the next.  And in some years, we may create completely new wines if that is the best way to present the fruits of our vineyard to you.

New Ownership!

Newlyweds Justin and Mariah took over the vineyard in July of 2021. Justin studied Wine Making at Cornell University and has been perfecting his craft as a winemaker at wineries across New England ever since. Mariah studied Human Resources Management and has grown her HR career in the startup space for rapidly growing tech companies. 

“We both grew up in the Litchfield area and have spent the last few years living in Boston, MA. Almost as soon as we moved to Boston, we knew that we’d end up back in the Litchfield area. We love the pace, the people, the history and everything that the area has to offer. After spending a few years hustling and building our careers in Boston we decided it’s time to return home and pursue our dream of opening a family business. We are so excited to take on this challenge together!”

– Justin and Mariah